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yoga & coaching

12-13th July, Synchronicity yoga studio, Clapham, London SW9

Join Laura and Julie for an urban retreat to build awareness in your body, mind and soul through yoga and coaching.

Do you want to feel:

  • Empowered to take home a personalised daily self practice
  • Committed to making your practice work for you
  • Present to the different parts of your being
  • Aware of how to access your intuition and how to use it
  • Mindful of finding a balance between discipline and compassion for your body

Laura and Julie have been working together for the past year on fusing yoga and coaching. We’re super excited to share our learning with you on three key themes: listening, intuition and balance.


Yoga and coaching invite you to listen to the conversations going on between your mind, body and soul. You learn to recognise the different voices and to find your own path, in your life and on the mat.

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