Do you want to:

  • Live with joy and ease?
  • Improve your work life balance?
  • Cultivate mindfulness and gratitude?
  • Enhance your health and wellbeing?
  • Find peace in a hectic life style?

I love hosting yoga and life coaching retreats in beautiful locations close to my heart in Europe (summer) and India (winter).

The Auroville version of Joyful Living: Making Ordinary Days Extraordinary will happen from 23rd to 27th December 2017.

A five-day Retreat at the Tibetan Pavilion of Auroville, the magical forest township in South India. For more info see below and click here.

The dates for the summer 2018 editions of Joyful Living 1 & Joyful Living 2 at YogaOnCrete will be confirmed soon!

“This is a (re)TREAT for yourself. So worth it!”

Eugenia, Greece

To register or for more information, email me at

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Joyful Living Crete August 2017

“You have changed my life and given me the confidence to open up and live with joy and ease. You’re an amazing coach who opens people’s hearts. Thank you!”

Giacomo Novi, Researcher, Italy

“Thank you so much for holding the space and designing a perfect programme. I feel so light and happy now and full of excitement about knowing myself better.”



Joyful Living Auroville March 2016


“The Joyful Living retreat was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m incredibly glad I signed up for it. I am a stronger, happier, more positive person now that i learned so much about myself and life. Thank you Julie!”

Mouna, Conference Interpreter, France

“I LOVED the Joyful Living retreat! Your coaching was perfect for me. I feel reborn and experience a radical shift of perspective. I am going through my days with mindfulness and the results are astonishing. My friends are amazed.”

Katarina, Author,Germany

“Julie did a fabulous job in getting everyone at the retreat to feel at ease immediately and open up. It was a great experience and an eye opener. It made me introspect myself from a different perspective. Was filled with a positive vibe throughout.”

Suseen, India


Joyful Living Auroville December 2016

Make ordinary days extraordinary!

23rd – 27th December | Tibetan Pavilion, Auroville

Join me for a 5-day joyful living experience. We’ll explore together the magic of the forest township of Auroville.

I used to have a busy corporate job in London. Once I learnt to live my days mindfully, I noticed how I became much more relaxed. The days weren’t less stressful, but I wasn’t as stressed anymore. Instead, I was feeling grateful for my life.

I created the Joyful Living retreat to help participants to cultivate mindfulness and gratitude. The retreat’s five themes are designed to anchor your days in the things that matter to you and bring joy into your life. In a warm and supportive group of maximum eight participants, we will explore how to make ordinary days extraordinary.

I combine my management consulting background with a thorough understanding of personal growth and coaching. I have a keen interest in nutrition and eastern spirituality, which has led me to spend most of the last three years in India practicing yoga and meditation.


This powerful retreat will give you:

  • Written positive outcomes about what Joyful Living means to you
  • An individualised roadmap on how to get there
  • Commitment to prioritise according to your values
  • A renewed sense of energy to optimise your life
  • A chance to soak up the magical Mediterranean

Each day at the retreat includes a yoga and meditation session to open your heart and body, and two interactive workshops on the Joyful Living theme of the day. You will also have plenty of time for relaxing by the beach, or going for a walk in the forest, exploring the village and countryside.

I facilitate the workshops using life coaching techniques to create insights and find your own answers, as well as get you committed and accountable to put them into practice and transform your life.

Day 1| Waking up: how to start your day with awareness

Day 2| Mindful routine: how to build a yoga and meditation practice

Day 3| Eat joyfully: how to eat what your body needs

Day 4| Flow through your day: how to keep things simple and follow your heart

Day 5 | Unwind: how to close your day and prepare for sleep

Register and read more about the Joyful Living Auroville Retreat, here.

And this is an article I wrote for MindBodyGreen on ‘5 tips for making ordinary days extraordinary’!


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