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Aligning your career with your skills and passions, is one of the keys to a fulfilling life. A coaching session with me will help you discover what you’re passionate about and where you excel.

You’ll connect to your core values, and from there you’ll build strong relationships that will help you get the job you want. Knowing your purpose and how to reach your goals will give you confidence and peace of mind.

 “Julie’s style is gentle, fun and focused. Her commitment and passion are inspiring and she has helped me attain powerful insights. I highly recommend her.”

Sarah Higginson, Research Associate, Loughborough University, UK

I offer three career coaching packages:

1. Career re-discovery
2. Interview preparation
3. CV surgery


1. Career re-orientation

Are you advanced in your career and feel it’s time for a change? Do you want a better work life balance? Do you want to turn your passion into your job? Do you want to figure out what your passion is?

Many of my clients are mid career – they are successful at what they do, they have a comfortable life but somehow it’s not enough. There’s perhaps the nagging feeling that this job isn’t your dream job. Or work pressure prevents you from spending time on things you love.

We’ll work together on the following things:

  • Exploring your passion
  • Brainstorming your opportunities
  • Creating real and conscious choices
  • Forwarding commitment and action


  • You’ll know your passion
  • You’ll make committed choices
  • You’ll get the job you want
  • You’ll improve your work life balance


2. Interview preparation

The key to a successful interview is to tell your story with conviction and confidence so that you connect with your interviewers.

This is why we’ll start with connecting to your core values, and build your own personal story from there. Delivering that story with passion will get you the job that you’re made for.

 “Julie has an intuitive yet focused style. Her coaching has greatly increased my confidence in my ability to make a career change. The feedback she gave was constructive and to-the-point. I highly recommend her.”

We’ll work together to prepare you for any interview in three steps:

  • Define your edge: connect with your core values and key strengths
  • Know your story: demonstrate your edge through your experience
  • Be persuasive: find your natural style for a spotless/flawless delivery


  • You’re more in control
  • You’re in your full power
  • You’re authentic
  • You make a connection

Note – the interview preparation is non industry and sector specific.

3. CV surgery

Get pointers on how to make your cv and cover letter:

  • Stand out: great presentation and formatting
  • Be impressive: high quality content structured logically
  • Arouse curiosity: personable and compelling style


  • You’ll impress recruiters and interviewers
  • You’ll let your story shine
  • You’ll make a connection

Get in touch with me for more details about the packages.

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