Many women have worked hard to attain academic, artistic, financial success, yet we often wonder: ‘Is this all there is?’

Despite all our worldly triumphs, there lingers a sense of disconnection, loss, dissatisfaction. We wonder how we ended up overscheduled, exhausted, suffering from stress-related conditions.

How did we get off track? What happened to our desire to write, to paint, to dance?

The sacrifice of body and soul is not what we bargained for when we set out to make a career.

Maureen Murdoch in the Heroine’s Journey (1990) writes: “In noticing the physical and emotional damage incurred by women on this heroic quest, I have concluded that the reason they are experiencing so much pain is that they chose to follow a model that denies who they are.”

“The hero’s journey is focused on adventures, seeking control and power over themselves and others, finding external boons. But for women, this doesn’t feed our nature. There’s a split when we women focus more on making it in the world, rather than on listening to our deep self.”

Maureen calls for a descent into womanhood, a return to wholeness. To set out on the Heroine’s Journey, embracing and feeding our feminine nature instead of allowing masculine values to determine what is success in this world.

“A woman who has felt cut off from her feminine nature may slowly begin to reclaim who she is as she feels her creativity start flowing. This renewal may occur in the garden, in the kitchen, in decorating the home, in relationship, in weaving, writing or dance. Her sense of aestethics and sensuality come alive as she is refreshed by colour, smell, taste, touch and sound.”


So let’s gather in sister circles to celebrate the rise of feminine values such as nurturing, intuition, emotional expressiveness, creativity and spirituality.

Let’s find our own answers to what is success in a woman’s world.

Let’s celebrate our journeys as heroines, reclaiming what it means to be a woman. Each of us in our own uniquely enchanting way.

Let’s be refreshed by colour, smell, taste, touch, sound. Revel in nature, connection, beauty and sensuality.

Let’s feel our creativity flowing, powerfully connecting to our inner mystery.


The circle offers a space where we can reconnect to the empowered feminine. Where we support and celebrate each other’s unique beauty and gifts. Hold the space for each other to delve deep into our inner mystery.

We show up truly and authentically and so empower our sisters to do the same.

We are equals in our own uniquely enchanting way.

We do not need to be fixed. We do not need to fit in.

** Write me at if you’re interested in joining our bewitching monthly online women’s circle where we gather under the waning moon to move, draw, meditate, laugh, share, honour and celebrate the fullness of our lives as women. **

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