How to make 2015 count

Wow, the start of a new year. A blank canvas soon to be filled with memories and experiences. This snow white, quiet time is traditionally used to commit to New Year’s resolutions.

Resolutions, however, are a little old school. They don’t tend to have much effect because they’re lopsidedly left brain commands, like ‘start yoga now!’

In January, I’m coaching my clients to set intentions instead of resolutions. Intentions lead to transformation when they integrate both the left (doing) and the right (being) brain.

So we work on a realistic and practical plan of how you’ll start yoga, while at the same time internalising the importance of optimising your health so you can live your life fully.

Here are 3 tips to turn your New Year’s resolutions into powerful intentions.

1. Saying yes means saying no

One of the biggest mistakes people make in setting their intentions, is to only say yes, without saying no. If you want to practice yoga 1 hour a day, then you’ll have to stop doing what you’re currently doing for that 1 hour. Otherwise the intention is likely to fizzle out in January.

So for every ‘saying yes’ intention, make sure there’s a ‘saying no’ counterpart. For example: ‘I won’t stay out later than 10pm so I can wake up in time to do my yoga practice before going to work.’

2. Visualising


Let’s visualise your perfect 2015. Imagine you have everything going for you, that 2015 is fulfilling year straight from your heart. What does this ideal year feel like, what are the colours, the sensations? Let it all come so alive you can almost taste it.

Visualisation matters because your brain is more motivated to change when the left brain plan ‘do yoga 1 hour a day’ is complemented by the right brain feeling light, fit and flexible. Click here to read more about the neuroscience behind this.

Visualising your ideal year also matters because you anchor your intentions into what is most important to you. Ultimately it’s not about doing yoga, but about fully expressing your gift to the world. Ask yourself, what do you need from 2015 to live your life purpose?

3. Completing

Finally, make up the books for 2014. What are you proud of? What are you grateful for? What have you learnt? What is no longer serving you?

Completion matters because it will allow your energy to be focused on what’s next for you, and because you can use your lessons learnt to make 2015 even more awesome.


Now your New Year’s intentions are firmly rooted in your conscious and subconscious. It’s time to sit back and observe. While resolutions are hard work, intentions tend to happen with little effort.

If you’re interested in doing a 1:1 Intentions Workshop over skype or in person in South India, get in touch with me. We’ll anchor your intentions in your values and ensure each intention has both a powerful left brain plan, and right brain experience. You’ll be fully committed to making 2015 count!