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12-13th July, Synchronicity yoga studio, Clapham, London SW9

Join Laura and Julie for an urban retreat to build awareness in your body, mind and soul through yoga and coaching.

Do you want to feel:

  • Empowered to take home a personalised daily self practice
  • Committed to making your practice work for you
  • Present to the different parts of your being
  • Aware of how to access your intuition and how to use it
  • Mindful of finding a balance between discipline and compassion for your body

Laura and Julie have been working together for the past year on fusing yoga and coaching. We’re super excited to share our learning with you on three key themes: listening, intuition and balance.


Yoga and coaching invite you to listen to the conversations going on between your mind, body and soul. You learn to recognise the different voices and to find your own path, in your life and on the mat.

You start to become familiar with the voice of your intuition and how to use it to enhance your well being and your relationship with others. You learn to look after yourself, to trust yourself to create the yoga practice that you need.


Balancing the need for discipline that a daily practice requires, with adapting it according to your needs is the key to a sustainable, injury-free and joyful yoga. This integrity is exactly what we’re looking to achieve in life. We want to make empowered decisions which are in line with our values, instead of following what our circumstances dictate!


We’ll start on Saturday morning with a morning practice of yoga to build the foundations of a self practice sequence based on the fundamental asanas within the Ashtanga primary series.

After the break we’ll be energised by some healthy and yummie goodies and dive into building awareness and developing our intuition. We’ll learn to listen to ourselves and others in a new and mindful way.

We’ll end the day with a lovely leisurely yoga practice. A combined ashtanga, restorative yoga and yoga nidra practice will connect us firmly with our bodies so we come out refreshed and energised.

On Sunday again we’ll start with yoga, now experimenting with more advanced asanas from the ashtanga sequence. The coaching part of the day will focus on making meaningful choices and designing the commitment to build and continue your own individualised practice. We’ll round off by integrating all we’ve learnt in a final restorative practice.

Price: £175/€210 plus 25% off 1:1 session with Laura and Julie, or £150/€180 for concessions.

Get in touch with us if you think you qualify for concessionary rate. The price covers 2 days of yoga and coaching workshops as well as nutritious and delicious vegan treats (home made!) for the lunch, tea and coffee breaks.

About Laura

laura bio pic

Laura started practicing yoga in her early twenties (though she wishes she’d found it earlier, oh the teenage angst that might have been avoided!). She spent a few years dabbling in whatever style her whimsy dictated, before finally realising she wanted to go deeper, and committed to a daily Ashtanga practice with her teachers.

Laura also suffers from a genetic condition (Marfanoid Hypermobility Syndrome) making her body extremely susceptible to injury. A daily Ashtanga practice, taken in its most dogmatic form can be pretty unforgiving under those circumstances, so she’s had to learn to watch, listen and adapt her practice with patience, persistence and integrity.

Her greatest passion is sharing yoga with people to enable them to develop their own practice intelligently, making yoga accessible to anyone. She also works with individuals of all physical abilities with Yoga Therapy.

Laura’s been fortunate to study internationally under John and Lucy Scott, Tim Miller, Simon Borg Olivier, Ana Forrest and many others.

Web: Yoga with Laura

About Julie

Click here to read more about Julie.

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